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08 MAJ 2019 11:01
Elitseriepremiär för Sundsvall Mosquitoes basebollag
  • Skapad: 08 MAJ 2019 11:01

Elitseriepremiär för Sundsvall Mosquitoes basebollag lör 4/5, borta mot Sundbyberg.
Kommentarer nedan från coach Kyle Taylor:

”Both games we played in were competitive. Defense and pitching kept us in each game and gave us a chance to win. We were able to get runners in scoring position, but rarely capitalized. Situational hitting and having better approaches at bat are some things we will be focusing on this week at practice. 

For not having an organized practice outside yet as a full team I would definately say our first two games were a success. Linus Sjölund threw 3 solid innings for us game 1 and Sam Casinelli, one of our imports, pitched a very good game 2 for us throwing 6 innings. Oskar Jerfsten did a great job catching and got some timely hits. Looking forward to next week facing the champions from last year.”

Sundbyberg - Sundsvall: 12-2 (8)
Sundbyberg - Sundsvall: 2-0

Box score match 1: http://www.heatstat.se/heatstat/main.php…

Box score match 2: http://www.heatstat.se/heatstat/main.php…

Foto: Joacim Wahlberg

Skribent: Joakim Smidhagen
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