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Mosquitoes föll tungt mot Karlskoga

27 MAJ 2019 23:19
Mosquitoes var nära i bägge matcherna...
  • Uppdaterad: 27 MAJ 2019 23:19

Mosquitoes var nära i bägge matcherna men faller hemma mot karlskoga bats i lördagens hemmapremiär.

Kommentar från coach Kyle Taylor:
”We had our first two home games of the year against #Karlskoga. Seems like a similar story from the previous weeks. Both games we had a chance to win, but were not able to find a way to get it done. 

Offensively, we had some chances but were not able to score runs in key situations. Pitchers didn't give up many hits, but the walks were again high. Defense needs to be cleaned up in certain areas and plays need to be made at critical times in the game for us to gain momentum during the late innings. 

The guys are giving a great effort and we are making progress. Playing in these close games will be beneficial for us moving forward. We talk about the little things that need to happen for us to be a successful ball club, both on and off the field. Keeping a positive mindset and having that passion to get better, both individually and as a team, will help us reach our end goals.”

Sundsvall - Karlskoga: 4 - 7
Sundsvall - Karlskoga: 1 - 7

Box scores:


Skribent: Joakim Smidhagen
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