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Mosquitoes första vinst för säsongen

19 MAJ 2019 00:40
Säsongens första vinst på bortaplan mot Karlskoga Bats...
  • Uppdaterad: 19 MAJ 2019 00:40

Sundsvall tog sin första seger för säsongen när man på lördagen i första matchen besegrade Karlskoga på bortaplan.

Referat nedan från coach Kyle Taylor:
”We travelled to Karlskoga this weekend winning the first game of the double header and putting us in the win column for the first time this year. In the first two innings we were able to score 6 runs which gave us a comfortable lead. We were able to get out of some tight situations and hold on for the win. 
The second game we ran into some good pitching which held us in check. Offensively, we could not take advantage of the early opportunities with runners in scoring position.

Definitely a successful trip overall. Our focus for next week will be to limit the walks from our pitching staff and have better approaches with pitchers who have shown they are able to command the strike zone with a variety of pitches.

Proud of the guys this weekend. We are moving in the right direction. Facing the same opponents next week will be interesting and something the players are already excited about.”

Karlskoga - Sundsvall: 8-11
Karlskoga - Sundsvall: 7-1

Box scores:


Foto: Åsa Jerfsten

Skribent: Joakim Smidhagen
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