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Säsongspremiär för Mosquitoes Juniorer

08 MAJ 2019 11:05
Sundsvalls juniorer gjorde säsongsdebut söndag 5 maj
  • Uppdaterad: 08 MAJ 2019 11:05

Sundsvalls juniorer gjorde säsongsdebut söndag 5 maj, referat nedan från assisterande coach Diego Iribarren:

"The Sundsvall Mosquitoes junior team started the season playing a double header against City/Kungsängen. This was the first time in
about 6 months that the Mosquitoes jump into the field for a regular season game; having in count that the team had been practicing and
working out indoors during the off-season. During both games there were a lot of positive things that we can take and learn from them!
One of the things that I personally liked was the attitude and the desire of the boys to come back and tied the game in the 7 inning during the second game! I noticed that the guys are committed with the team and are willing to listen and to learn more about this beautiful
Another positive point today was to see some of the veteran players from the junior team helping out the younger guys. James Hewitt, Linus Sjölund, Oskar Jerfsten, and Bryan Estati did great leading this team throughout both games! It is important to remember that both games ended in a walk off, and one in extra inning, which means that both games were very close!
I see nothing but a brilliant future for the young Mosquitoes, at the end of the day we either win or learn and I’m sure the kids learned a lot today!!"

City/Kungsängen J - Sundsvall J: 10-9 (6)
City/Kungsängen J - Sundsvall J: 10-9 (8)

Box score:

Foto: Risto Aalto

Skribent: Joakim Smidhagen
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