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Rättvik var en storlek större

03 JUL 2022 07:27
Sundsvall förlorar bägge hemmamatcherna...
  • Skapad: 03 JUL 2022 07:27

Elitserien baseboll lördag 2 juli
Sundsvall förlorar bägge hemmamatcherna mot ett starkt Rättvik. Mosquitoes stretar emot väl i första matchen och har känning med underläge 3-4 efter 7 innings innan det rinner iväg i slutet. Andra matchen tog bortalaget ledningen direkt och det blev sju spelade innings.
Coach Johnny Floegel summerar dagen:
”Obviously a challenging series playing the best team in the league. We were severely short handed and dealing with injuries and illness heading into the day as well. The end result was not the focus of the day. Despite the adversities we faced we competed against and held the momentum against a great club through the majority of game 1. We played with nothing to lose and brought our best energy forward and the results showed through 7 innings. I’m proud of the guys who showed up today and left it all on the field. We’ll have to continue to do a better job of maintaining that sort of contagious energy through the entirety of the game, but from an attitude perspective this weekend was a bigger success than the scoreboard reflects.
A few specific shoutouts: Jonas Sjölund did an amazing job maintaining composure and pitching effectively as deep into game 1 as he could, effectively shutting down a great offensive teams lineup. Olle Martinsson came in relief game 2 off a bad illness and showed tremendous resiliency. Jacapo Bettati continues to play consistent defensive and is starting to find his footing at the plate and Pär Axelsson continues to be our primary leader on and off the field.”
Mest framstående offensivt denna dag var Pär Axelsson och Linus Sjölund med tre hits vardera. Vi uppmärksammar även Philip Drugge som gjorde elitseriedebut.
Returmöte mot Rättvik på bortaplan 9 juli, nästa hemmamatch är även det mot Rättvik, lördag 23 juli.
Sundsvall - Rättvik: 4-18
Sundsvall - Rättvik: 4-17 (7)
Skribent: Joakim Smidhagen
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